Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Mr. Inadvertent is Looking for a Job

It's midnight in Berlin where I've just arrived after an arduous 23-hour journey from Seattle. The Frankfurt Airport was closed Tuesday due to a security breach and my flight to Berlin - among many others - was cancelled.

It was truly a chaotic scene at the airport where thousands were evacuated. Little information was made available and the pitiful lone megaphone was helpful to perhaps 25 of the thousands of stranded passengers.

The airlines and airport were woefully understaffed and unprepared to handle this situation. To make matters far worse, if there was air conditioning, it wasn't evident on a sweltering day.

The breach occurred when a family was inadvertently allowed through a checkpoint by a security officer when they had not yet been fully cleared.

Mr. Inadvertent is looking for a job.

Meanwhile, that bag I checked? On July 28 a similar event happened in the Munich airport. Nine days later 20,000 (not a typo) bags have yet to be reunited with their owners.

I'll be shopping in the morning.

Frankfurt Frenzy
photo by Mark Cullen

Special thanks to Mr. Sven Gogoll at Motel One-Upper West in Berlin for holding my room for me in a week when there is such heavy demand in Berlin. 

Upon my arrival he said that I got here the way almost all of their customers from Frankfurt did today: by train.

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  1. Yes, but at least you don't have to be at Faculty Meetings in a week. Have a great trip!!