Friday, April 29, 2022

The Guy with the

I’m launching my new website featuring my collection of running shoes and memorabilia from the University of Oregon’s 1970s Golden Age of track and field. 

30 pairs of shoes and over 270 pieces of memorabilia are featured.

These are all items I saved when I was in Eugene from 71-76; I have never intentionally added to this archive, though I have been given several items over the years.

There are 140 pages of text and over 35,000 words in the website. The website is best utilized when you click on Read More, which will get you a closeup of the artifact, more text, or both.

Highlights include: 

Bowerman waffle iron shoes (yes, handmade by the master himself, with waffle soles from the waffle iron).

Two pairs of shoes handmade by Dennis Vixie, prototypes of the Waffle Trainer and the LD-1000.

Blue Ribbon Sports shoes, receipts, and boxes.

Nike’s first product catalogue

1968 Mexico City victory stand image signed by Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

Two of the earliest books on women’s running.

The classic 1972 Track and Field in Oregon poster featuring Rich Clarkson’s photo of steeplers at the water jump at Hayward Field.

Among the first items I ever saved were the famous Afro Ducks - a t-shirt and a window decal. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, who later designed the Air Jordan for Nike, the Afro Ducks are believed to be the first representation of an NCAA Division I school mascot as African American.

Sadly, a photo of Steve Prefontaine taken May 29, 1975 – this may well be the last photo taken of Pre in a competitive setting. It has not previously been seen by the public.

I especially hope that this website will serve as a resource for the 2022 World Championships, to be held in Eugene, Oregon, July 15-24, 2022, and that it might enhance the exerience of all who attend.

I hope you will enjoy this website as much as I have enjoyed developing it. It is a true labor of love, and I hope it will become a lasting and trusted resource for this remarkable era of track and field.

I welcome your responses, especially new information and insights. With 300+ items in the collection, it will always be a work in progress.