Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Heat is the Story

Updated Thurs, 6/25, 7:32am
Note that the trend is upward for even hotter weather, not cooler:

With highs of 99F/37C 100F/37.8C now predicted for Friday's and Saturday's USATF Championships, the weather is the story in Eugene.

Combining forecasts from the National Weather Service, Weather Underground, and, here are the forecast highs for each day of the championships:

93        - Day #1 - Thursday, 6/25
99 100 - Day #2 - Friday, 6/26
99 100 - Day #3 - Saturday, 6/27
90        - Day #4 - Sunday, 6/28

1. USATF announced that the senior men's and women's 5,000m will be run Sunday morning instead of Sunday afternoon:

Sunday, 6/28 - W 5,000m - new start time: 10:20am 

Sunday, 6/28 - M 5,000m - new start time: 10:45am

2. The men's and women's 20k walks will be a combined race:

Sunday, 6/28 - M+W 20k walks combined race: 8:00am

3. The junior men's 10,000m, originally scheduled for Saturday evening, will now have an early Saturday start:

Saturday, 6/27 - JR M 10,000m - new start time: 10:00am

That leaves several races of 3,000m or more to be run in what are likely to be brutally hot conditions.

The senior women's and men's 10,000m remain at 7:35pm and 8:15pm on Thursday, 6/25, preceded by the first round of the women's 3,000m steeplechase at 7:05pm.

The first round of the men's 3,000m steeplechase remains at 6:10pm on Friday, 6/26, and the women's steeple final remains at 1:55pm on Saturday, 6/27.

The biggest impact of the heat likely will be felt in the multis, especially their final events:

- The men's decathlon 1500m at 7:40pm on Friday, 6/26, when temperatures are forecast to be in the upper 90s;
- The women's heptathlon 800m at 1:11pm on Sunday, 6/28, with forecast highs in the upper 80s at that time of day.

Scant consolation to have 'cooler' temperatures than the men, but the cumulative effect of seven events in such heat will be quite similar.

The heat will have a decisive role in shaping the US World Championships multi-events teams, among many others.

It will encourage sit-and-kick races in the middle and long distances, not that those are anything new to national or world championships. Now these are virtually guaranteed.

Weather and schedule updates will be posted here as warranted.

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