Monday, June 19, 2017

If You Can't Stand the Heat...

It's been a wild few weeks since the Prefontaine Classic.

Most unexpectedly, an opportunity to go from full-time to part-time teaching was created when a veteran teacher decided he was veteran enough. I blew through that door and will be teaching 3/4 time next year.

If that sounds like a modest change, it is, but the bigger change is with reduced duties, such as no advisory, no overnight camping trips, no lunchroom cleanup. I'm pretty sure I gave up 25% of my income to avoid lunchroom cleanup! I am very excited to have such a clear focus on teaching itself.

Meanwhile, two welcome emails came, one with a media credential for the USATF Outdoor Nationals and the other for credentials to the IAAF World Championships in London.

USATF Nationals begin on Thursday in Sacramento, CA, and the forecast is for 109F on Thursday and 97F for Sunday. Of considerable interest is how meet management will respond, especially with Thursday evening's 10,000m races and Friday evening's 5,000m runs.

London Worlds run from Friday, August 4 through Sunday, August 13. The meet is a sellout and over 1,000,000 tickets have been sold.

I'm off to Sacramento on Wednesday for the USATF press conference at 2:00pm and I'll post any heat-related updates here and on twitter: @trackerati.

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