Friday, June 22, 2018

Scene of the Hammertime Crime

An errant hammer flew over the protective netting during the men's hammer competition at the US National Championships today.

The hammer landed on the street with a thud and then bounced into the side of a parked car.

The 'thud' of the hammer landing was audible to all in the throwing corner of the Drake University track and field complex.

Asteroid landing spot?
4th of July fireworks damage?
Hammer throw?
You be the judge.
When you hear 'hammer throw damage' do you think of this?

Said one television cameraman, 

"I was hoping for a hammer hanging out of the side of a car."
Sean Donnelly's foul flew over this netting.
Note landing spot in the pavement.

Note origin of throw - ring next to tent - that was a looong foul!

No one was hurt by the errant hammer.
No one was hurt in the writing of this story.


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