Saturday, March 30, 2019

Prince Frederik on World XC Championships

The Trackerati Interview
Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark

Prince Frederik presenting silver medal to Ethiopia's Dera Dida
Awaiting her gold medal: Hellen Obiri, Distance Queen
Photo credit: Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly
Here is my brief interview with Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, after he served as starter and medal presenter for many of today's World Championship Cross Country and community races in Aarhus. He was gracious to pause and answer a few questions on his way out after a long day on the course.

Would you please say a few words about what you thought of the event today?

"The event is a big success for everybody - you should probably ask some of the participants (for their perspective), too! This is a major event for this country, we have amazing surroundings, we have a lot of backup, a great audience, and the weather was also looking our way.

People came from around the world for this...

Yes, I don't have a country count...

70, I believe.

...but there are beautiful colors and flags and sportswear (representing these countries).

I assume that Denmark would like to host events like this again in the future.

Yes, it's not the first time - we've hosted big world championship events in a variety of sports, so it's been happening. Thank you so much.

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