Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Future Meets the Present and Oregon Track and Field 
Journalism Class Meet in Doha
by Mark Cullen/ Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved
photo credit: Mark Cullen/
Track and field journalism's present met its future in Doha at the Media Reception tonight.

Weldon Johnson and Jonathan Gault (l-r) of met the University of Oregon School of Journalism's (@SOJCtrack) track and field class and bureau at Khalifa Stadium.

Instructor Lori Shontz and students Nate Mann, Brooklyn Loiselle, Brett Taylor, and Alex West were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with these two well-known luminaries of sports journalism. A  remarkably engaging discussion ensued about what the students currently are doing here in Doha as well as their plans for their respective futures.

All were left convinced that the future is in terrific hands.

I will follow up with Ms. Shontz and the students to gain their perspectives on what this meeting meant to them and will update this article then.

Special thanks to Johnson and Gault who spent this memorable time with the class just after getting off lengthy airplane trips. 

Gratitude, appreciation - and inspiration - all around.