Sunday, September 2, 2018

Robert Harting's Farewell

Discus Great Retires

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Robert Harting came close to repeating history in Berlin's Olympic Stadium Sunday night, but it was not the storybook ending many had hoped for.

In the final competition of his definitive career, the three-time World and 2012 Olympic Champion famously won his first World discus title here in 2009 on his last throw. Tonight he almost did the same before settling for 2nd behind his brother, Christoph, the 2016 Olympic Champion.

The Hartings do keep it all in the family.

I had the terrific opportunity of interviewing four current German throwing greats about Harting on Sunday and I will post their comments as well as a career retrospective here later this week.

Today, I am posting links to two articles of mine about Harting, and if his public profile in the US is not what it is in Germany, an indication of his international stature comes in the pageview count on this US-based website.

My stories A Ride for Robert and Legacy: Harting and Bolt - In Their Own Words are my #2 and #8 most widely read pieces out of over 200 articles in the 5 years of Trackerati.

Here they are:

Harting's Face Has Quite Literally Been All Over Town

photo credit: Camera 4 - ISTAF


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