Wednesday, August 3, 2016

trackerati in Rio!

Greetings from Rio de Janeiro - the River of January. I arrived several days ago and am busy at work on my quadrennial preview and predictions tome - a preview of each of the 47 track and field events of the 31st Olympiad, complete with fearless picks and predictions.

For the first few nights I am staying at a hotel across the street from Copacana Beach. It's beautiful here, and interestingly, it hasn't been hot yet. "It's our winter," the locals keep saying. Also, I haven't encountered a single mosquito - nada, not one.

Tomorrow I will join the Track and Field News Tour as it arrives in Rio, and I'll be staying at one of their four hotels. While it's closer to the most of the Games sites, it's still a good hour from the stadium, with much yet to be resolved about logistics here.

I'm active on twitter: @trackerati.

More - much more - to come.


  1. Its nice for you to be in the beautiful and alluring city of Rio de Jeniro. Its nice that you shared the information with us and dont forget to post more pictures from the coming events. Thanks!

  2. It seems to be a nice place to visit and stay in holidays. The hotel surroundings look awesome and the parking says there are many tourists.