Thursday, August 16, 2018

5th Anniversary of Trackerati: Teardrop of Sunlight

It's not often we have the opportunity to recognize a single defining moment when our life has changed irrevocably for the better.

In the five year history of this website - started on August 2, 2013 - no single day has been more meaningful or important than one two weeks later when Sieg Lindstrom, Managing Editor of Track and Field News, highlighted "Teardrop of Sunlight" on the T+F News website on Friday of the last weekend of the Moscow World Championships.

I had no press pass then - just a ticket, a blog site, and color coded index cards. Of all unlikely things, it was the shape of the sunlight moving through Luzhniki Stadium that captured my attention that cool summer morning.

I am grateful to Sieg to this day, as his prominent placement of this piece introduced Trackerati to a broad international audience. Profound thanks to my many loyal readers and to those generous souls who publish and link to my writing.

In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy this first of my anniversary posts: 

Teardrop of Sunlight

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